The Brook & The Bluff

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The Brook & The Bluff is perfectly poised between the past and the present, at an unexpected

crossroads where indie rock and folk-rock have found new frontiers and possibilities online.

Their new album Bluebeard feels like a modern classic, shaped by the past but very much of

and for right now. The first song from the album titled “Long Limbs” is a song about the highs

and lows of being in love and the work that goes into a relationship but also a reminder to just

be present and let yourself be with someone that makes you happy.


In recent years, The Brook & The Bluff’s incandescent harmonies, winning arrangements, and

observational acumen have unexpectedly put them upon a different on-ramp for success:

streaming stardom. They are now, by far, one of the most successful young bands at folk-rock’s

amorphous contemporary edge, fusing the craft of the past with the ideas and avenues of the