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Violents + Monica Martin Release Awake and Pretty Much Sober Today

Posted on: April 28th, 2017 by founder No Comments

Monica Martin released her collaboration with Jeremy Larson AKA Violents today via Partisan Records. The pair celebrated release week with a show at Rough Trade NYC accompanied by a string quartet.

PHOX’s Monica Martin Releases New Collaboration with Violents

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Today, Monica Martin premiered “Equal Powers,” the first track from her upcoming collaboration with Violents (aka Jeremy Larson), on Stereogum. The project, which was originally meant to be an EP, grew into a full-length album set for release through Partisan Records next year.

PHOX Announce Hiatus and US Tour

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PHOX announced earlier today that the band is planning to take an extended break for members to pursue other projects and creative outlets. To say goodbye for now, they also announced a US tour beginning in January 2017. See below for a message from the band:

Hello Dear Friends, Fans, Et Al,

Phox is going to take a break; We’re calling it a ‘hiatus’ as it seems a fashionable word for bands to use when taking such a break. This is a decision filled with love and respect for ourselves and each other as we support a growing sense within each of us to pursue other creative outlets. There are movies to be made, albums to produce, spirit quests to be had, planets for Davey to travel to…Truly, the list goes on. “Hiatus” is a nice wordbecause it lets us take some time to figure out what’s next for Phox, but inform you is that it’s going to be quite some time before we get to see you again.

Last night I watched old videos — cried and laughed a lot. We were all dewy faced and had no idea what we were getting into, we just wanted to get out of Baraboo. There are hundreds of magical moments to recount. So many beautiful absurd things that would have never happened if we’d hadn’t gotten together in our aimlessness after highschool. We traveled far, worked really hard, and learned a lot about ourselves. Crazily enough, perhaps, is that along the way it brought us you, people who actually seem to care about what we do, and have surely over-humored our varying manifestations of tantrum, musical and otherwise. Forgive the barrage of cliches; it seems it’d be foolish of me to try and create new language to something so many people within collaborations have experienced. It’s hard to explain without sounding dramatic how unbelievable it is to be in a band with folks that come out to see you, with patient ears that have allowed us the be fully dynamic in our arrangements. It is so. very. rare. to have consistently thoughtful crowds; we’re so proud that you chose to spend any amount of your time with us.

To that end, this hiatus will be preceded by a celebratory little tour, a chance for us to say a proper goodbye (for now.) We are forever grateful for the support you’ve given to us over the last four years, and will make sure to keep you posted on all our respective explorations in songwriting, filmmaking, collaborating, composing, producing, and graphic novel writing.

One More Time, Hands in the Middle, We Love You,

Monica, Matt, Matteo, Davey, & Jason

Foundations Welcomes PHOX

Posted on: July 30th, 2015 by founder No Comments

Foundations is excited to announce it’s recent signing, PHOX. Get to know PHOX, and check out their debut album out now on Partisan records.