A frustrating paradox exists within the music management business. Managers of successful, established acts usually have the proper network and gravitas to serve as effective advocates for their clients, yet often lack the innovation and flexibility to thrive within the current business model. On the other hand, managers of young, developing musicians often have some of the most forward-thinking ideas and a more thorough understanding of the current/future state of the business; however, they may lack the ability of their more established peers to effectively infiltrate the mainstream. The challenge for any act becomes finding a manager that combines the best of both of these worlds: this duality is the key strength of Foundations Artist Management.

Foundations Artist Management recognizes the difficulties facing talented artists at any stage of their career. Our goal is to work with our acts to develop a strategy for success, one that takes into account where they have been, but even more importantly, where they want to go next. It goes without saying that the primary ingredient for success is talent. But even the most gifted performers can face seemingly insurmountable obstacles without an experienced, creative management team in their corner, helping to guide their artistic endeavors through a constantly changing music industry.

In 2014, Foundations launched Foundations Publishing, a joint venture with Primary Wave Music Publishing.  The entity represents a new-age music publisher: providing all of the services and resources of a traditional publishing company, while adding the artist development expertise of Foundations Artist Management.