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Dayglow is the project of Austin, TX based 20-year-old Sloan Struble. Energetic and eternally hopeful, Dayglow’s debut album, Fuzzybrain, was recorded in Struble’s childhood bedroom and released on the eve of his move to college in the fall of 2018. The album quickly picked up momentum, being lauded for its refreshing optimism and eventually prompting Ones To Watch to identify Dayglow as “The Antidote for Dark Pop.”

Writing, performing, producing, and mixing the album on his own, Fuzzybrain is a direct window into Struble’s mind and serves as a testament to the DIY spirit. The album remains cohesive yet exploratory, noticeably benefitting from the sole creative vision and sincerity of its author. From molding a portrait of his own head out of clay for the album cover to shooting the music video for first single, “Can I Call You Tonight?,” with nothing more than a green screen and an enthusiastic hometown friend, Struble continues to evolve within the world he’s created. Throughout its modest 8-song track listing, the raw honesty of Fuzzybrain remains constant and renders the album invitingly replayable. Several million streams later, now with a history of sold out shows and a new music video for fan favorite “Hot Rod”; it’s clear that Dayglow has filled a void.

Written alongside the rest of the original album, Dayglow’s newest single, “Nicknames,” exists as a continuation of Fuzzybrain and bridges the gap between the initial 8-song release and the eventual full length LP re-release. The accompanying video features Struble trying out for a slew of different sports teams before he sheds his jersey, joins his friends, and dances away. Find what makes you happy and embrace it unapologetically – the message is not only reflective of “Nicknames,” but of Dayglow’s pursuit as a whole.