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Ole Time Hawkey – Slide

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Old Time Hawkey

Posted on: October 30th, 2017 by Grace Trinley No Comments

Old Time Hawkey, comprising of Fritz and his two dogs—Donnybrook and Kris Draper, has gained a massive following online through their unique approach to…well, everything. These videos have connected with millions due to their combinations of many of Fritz’s passions—outdoorsmanship, cooking, old school movies, sweet dog antics, retro video games, and the Detroit Red Wings. To viewers, an Old Time Hawkey video feels like being draped in a warm quilt while staring at a starry sky in a forest clearing. This relaxed approach finds Fritz making a delicious meal out of classic ingredients and rustic techniques to produce signature takes on beloved dishes (usually accompanied by a can of cold pop and a rousing game of Super Marioland).


These simple-to-follow recipes are perfect for creating comfort foods filtered through Old Time Hawkey’s incredibly chill vibe that sets people at ease which somehow just makes everything more pleasant—and taste a bit better, too. Whether it’s the icy grounds of a forest, the soothing atmosphere of a small campfire, or the simple pleasures of a log cabin, Old Time Hawkey instructs viewers with a gentle approach that surprisingly fuses aspects of cottagecore, ASMR, cooking, and nature appreciation to make a uniquely satisfying experience.

Fritz, Donnybrook, and Kris Draper currently reside in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where all three strive to remain—as always—good boys.