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mxmtoon, otherwise known as Maia, is a mixed-race Chinese-American teenage musician best known for her emotional acoustic tracks featuring her ukulele. Based in the Bay area, Maia has had the unique opportunity to surround herself with different musical styles and influences, all the while incorporating the music techniques she has acquired from a lifetime of playing various instruments.

Even though Maia began posting music on Soundcloud in 2015, she release her first original song “1-800-DATEME” in February of 2017, leading to more original releases and more attention as the year progressed. The simplicity and raw nature of her music resonated with thousands of people across the world, especially with her tracks “feelings are fatal” and “please don’t.”

Besides solo work, Maia has done collaborations with other artists like Elijah Who and Peachy! Releasing the tracks “we used to talk every night” and “falling for u” along with her pre-existing work and landing mxmtoon on articles written by Hypebeast, Revolt TV, and i-D for “artists you should watch.”

mxmtoon strives to create music that can express feelings for those who may not be able to formulate the words and to help others know they’re not alone in their experiences.