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Cities shape the sounds inside them, whether intentionally or not. For Nashville future-r&b outfit Biyo, the boundaries set by Music City have been blown to pieces. In the span of a handful of songs, the duo has become both the enigmatic face and soundtrack of the scene exploding out of Nashville, Tennessee. What started as an anonymous experiment for members Sam English and Grayson Proctor has become a fully visualized project, selling out shows in warehouses and spaces where these sounds hadn’t existed. Their sonic palette has been refined through other artists’ lenses, too; they can be heard in James Droll’s ooze, Daniella Mason’s ultralight beams, and countless others in their world. They’ve also done stellar remix work for pop ascendants Ashe and LINES, proving their sound can explore other avenues outside of their hometown. While many artists switch their style to keep up with trends in Music City, the future could not be brighter for this boundaryless team.